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Tom Roslen

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Hello! My name is Tom Roslen and I’m a video editor at A-Wing Visuals. I have a passion for tabletop roleplaying games and storytelling. Between work and sleep, I love watching movies and trying to break them down to find insights about the creative process; The Emoji Movie gave me a really difficult time. I love schlocky low-budget thrillers from the 70s and 80s, so I know if I ever do get to become a filmmaker, my influences will at least be inexpensive. I can’t do anything without some kind of sensory input, so I’m constantly watching and listening to documentaries and video essays as I go about my day. As a result, I know enough trivia to impress dads with very niche interests, but not enough to win money on a game show. I grew up right on the Mississippi River where the South just starts to graze the Midwest, so I find it difficult to go longer than a day without having a glass of sweet tea or listening to an outlaw country song. I’m extremely proud of my work and I hope I can grow it into something truly special through my relationship with A-Wing Visuals.

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