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Video can enhance corporate communication by conveying complex messages more effectively, fostering employee engagement, and providing a powerful medium for training, onboarding, and showcasing company culture, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive and informed corporate environment.
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Marketing videos can significantly boost your brand by effectively communicating your products or services, creating a strong brand identity, and engaging your target audience through visually appealing and persuasive storytelling.
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Event videography can elevate your brand by capturing and showcasing key moments, fostering a deeper connection with your audience through visually compelling narratives, and providing shareable content that enhances brand visibility and engagement.
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Explore the Impact of A-Wing Visuals Through Our Client Reviews. Each review is a testament to our commitment to excellence in video production, showcasing the high-quality, creative results we deliver. Read directly from our satisfied clients and let their experiences illustrate the difference we make.

Having collaborated with A-Wing Visuals for several years on multiple projects, I can confidently rate their services as a solid 5/5. The longevity of our partnership speaks volumes about their consistent excellence. The A-Wing team always displays unmatched professionalism and creativity, ensuring each project surpasses our expectations. Their personalized attention and ability to adapt to our busy industry have made A-Wing Visuals an invaluable partner. For those seeking a long-term, reliable partner for video creation, A-Wing Visuals is the right choice.

Kaleb Hoffer

I can't say enough good things about Michael and A-Wing Visuals. Michael created a video at our recent fundraiser for The Sun Valley Youth Center. He was prompt, friendly, fun and highly professional. He created a one-minute video that captured the event incredibly well and had the completed product to us in a matter of days. We will definitely work with Michael again and I will recommend him to everyone I know!

Lara Galante

I’ve been working with A Wing Visuals for several months now and it has been a blessing to work with this team. Dillon, Micheal, and Garrett have all brought immense value to me. Micheal is a master at connecting and relating with you. He brings so much positive energy to the shoots but also has amazing skill with directing. Dillon is a master communicator and organizer. Garrett has taught me so much in terms of cinematography, gear, lighting, audio and so much more. He and the rest of the team at A Wing Visuals have certainly mastered their craft.

Ian Gerace

I’ll share my experience so far, as we have a lot in production and that’ll spur another review. Michael she Dillon have been prompt to reply, made competitive bids and executed the plan when I was in a pinch to get some very fast moving pieces coming together. So far, hired, on time to the job and they have tools that could make any news agency blush. Let alone competition. I hired them for 2/3 parts of our documentary on addiction. I say this because I’m posting again on them, and also the other company which I hired in this flurry as well.

Tim Clark

A-wing visuals was not only totally professional but made my husband and I feel so comfortable and at ease on our special day. Michael was prepared with everything and took charge. He was a natural behind the camera. I cry every time I watch our wedding video.

Rhonda Talent

A-Wing Visuals is a top notch crew! Friendly people and stellar/quality work product. I was very impressed with their photography and video editing skills. Unlike a lot of shops around town, they spend a lot of time methodically editing all their media production to fulfill my needs, and do it with a smile on their faces. It was great having them around our wedding venue too! I’d recommend to anyone looking for a best in class video or photography crew.

Jack Becker

A-wing Visuals is top notch. Dillon and Michael are super creative and professional. They recently shot some videos for our website and they turned out great. They helped us brainstorm a creative approach and dialed in the content of our messaging. They quickly turned around the postproduction and we are trilled with the results. I highly recommend working with the A-Wing Visuals team!

Ted Church

Very satisfied and impressed with the end product delivered by A-Wing. Early in the editing phase, I had serious doubts about the direction of the project and was worried the final product was going to be a dud. I expressed my concerns, and A-Wing's leadership and editing team responded quickly and professionally. They took my concerns into account and did a terrific job with the next few edits. Five stars for the final product and excellent customer service.

Andrew Eames

5 Stars isn’t even enough for excellent experience my wife and I received from Micheal and his team on shooting our wedding. The level of professionalism and creative eye for capturing the most important day my wife and I will even encounter in this life of ours as we move forward, is simply unmatched. Not only will I continue to use Micheal and his team for any future events I have but I will definitely send more business his way if any of my friends and family ever need Micheal’s services. Thank you again for capturing the happiest day of our lives, the pictures truly capture all of the love my wife and I have not only for each but for our friends and family that we’re in attendance.

Christian Monroe


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