Event Video Production

Event video production involves filming events such as weddings, graduations, other types of social events, corporate events, meetings, trade shows, and conferences. At A-Wing Visuals, our event videographers rely on the latest video equipment, filming techniques, and technology to capture important moments or provide wide coverage of certain events.

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Event video production

Understanding Event Video Services

Event videography can be used to promote an organization or company, or to boost brand awareness directly on a website or through news networks or social media. A professionally filmed video of an event helps create positive exposure and can also serve as social proof that will establish trust and credibility in a business or brand.

At A-Wing Visuals, our event video services can be as specialized as you need. Our videography team takes you from story to screen or can simply provide a videography crew to capture important moments. Whatever the event, our dependable, professional videography team will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life.


We can make your good idea great with the right plan. From the beginning, our videographers, cinematographers, and producers will work with you to help you determine the creative direction for your video, as well as identify the practical balance of timing, budget, and techniques. Our goal is to create a satisfying experience for every project.


The use of proper lenses, the right lighting, and bringing a client’s vision to life will come into play as we film an event. We can shoot on a green screen or on location, creating the type of video that will give you the results you’re striving for.


When finishing a video, our videography team is committed to going the distance. We will edit the video, seamlessly blending important moments, while adding elements that separate a good video from a great one. We will work closely with you during this time to ensure we create a final product that captures the essence of the event and brings your vision to life.

What Are the Different Uses of Event Video Production?

At A-Wing Visuals, our event video production team commonly handles video production for the following types of events:


The expansion of a company or the grand opening of a new building can be a great event to have a recording of. High-quality videos for openings can be used for self-promotion across a variety of media outlets.


Regardless of whether a band is performing or a theater company wants to capture special moments from their musical, event video production allows a performance to last a lifetime. Whether you’re performing at a big venue or it’s your first performance, you can relive each moment with the high-quality video content that you’ll get from the team at A-Wing Visuals.


Weddings are one of the most special moments in a person’s life. The ability to capture the ceremony and reception allows you to see details and interactions you may have missed, while also allowing you and your family to rewatch this special time over and over for many years to come.

Speaking Events

Presentations take time and hard work. If you don’t record your presentation, you’re wasting a significant portion of your efforts. With event video production services provided by A-Wing Visuals, you’ll have a recording of the entire presentation that you can later distribute to the attendees, so they can refer back to it.

Company Events

Having a well-produced video of your company’s events can make your company stand out. At A-Wing Visuals, we can create a well-crafted video that gives your business the credibility that previously only larger corporations could afford.

Delivering High-Quality Event Videos to Clients

Event video production by A-Wing Visuals is the perfect way to capture important occasions, celebrations, company meetings, and other events. Whether it’s a charity event, sports event, corporate meeting, family outing, or trade show, video coverage will preserve these important moments and memories, boost brand awareness, or help you gain credibility for your company.

Our experienced videography team knows the importance of creating the perfect final product for each client, which is why we will work closely with you to ensure we create a video that exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your goals.

Event video production

A-Wing Visuals offers a wide range of video production services, using the latest equipment and techniques, to deliver exceptional results that capture your vision.  Whether you’re looking to create a corporate video, document a social event, or create a unique wedding video, A-Wing Visuals has got you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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