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Michael Swanson

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Hi, My name is Michael Swanson, and I’m one of the founders here at A-Wing Visuals. I have a deep love for my two furry companions. When I’m not immersed in work, I find solace in indulging in quirky movies that challenge conventional storytelling. But there’s one guilty pleasure I cannot simply resist—donuts! Adding to the list of some of my accolades, I proudly hold the title of a former world record holder. When capturing life’s precious moments, my go-to camera is the Canon C70, enabling me to bring my creative visions to life in stunning detail. Get ready to be inspired as I continue to make an impact and leave his mark in this world!

Preferred Editing Software

Canon C70

Favorite Brands

Crocodile, Gucci



Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

Glory Road


One Large Cat Named Ollie

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