Video Production as a Booster for Your Business

Considering that a photo is worth a thousand words, how more valuable is a video? Video marketing is a strategy that engages, as its name says, videos for your campaign, drawing more attention from an audience than social media posts or images do. This kind of marketing it’s useful for every single business there is, from architecture projects to restaurants or hotels. It’s immediate communication between services and consumers.


Within a video of two minutes tops, you can add customer testimonials, present the whole product or service and entertaining viral content. It’s one of the best ways to promote your brand, and thanks to the latest technology, you can easily monitor customer engagement and know if it’s working.


After all, what you want from video marketing is to tell a story, your brand’s story, and to engage with the shorter time possible. We live in the era of immediacy, so as shorter and complete the video can be, the better. Most of all, because it’s more probable for users to remember images than words, so it’s more likely that they retain the name of a business, service or product when it’s presented in an audiovisual format.


Benefits of Video for Communication

The immediacy that images brought to our society was duplicated when videos started. 78% of consumption over the internet are videos, which is why every day, more and more companies are betting for the incorporation of video marketing for their business. Like mentioned before, in a few seconds, your company can transmit information, ideas, and entertainment, generating positive experiences around the brand and establishing a bond with the consumers.


Videos are one of the easiest products to consume, with zero effort you can just click and start watching, or there are even some websites that start the reproduction of videos automatically. That is why they can easily go viral, but this last one depends on the creativity of the content. Betting for humor, it’s usually more engaging than conventional advertisements.


It’s also very cheap, the creation of a video doesn’t always involve lots of money, that’s why more and more people are working on producing videos, and at the same time, raising the bar on how creative a video should be, in order to engage more audience. Plus, it has a wide versatility for communicating any idea, project, or message.


Videos are images that help to build trust, setting a face to the brand, and achieving closeness between companies and consumers. That’s why they are transforming the cooperative communication and turning into one of the most essential tools when it comes to sales and company projects.


Advantages of Communication through Videos

Every day more organizations are choosing video marketing as a primary tool for communicating because it enables businesses to communicate fast and effectively with the customer. It also represents many advantages for companies, either emerging ones or with years in the market.

First of all, the fact that videos are all over the internet it’s already a big plus, because more than half of the world uses the internet, and willingly or not, they end up watching a lot of different advertising videos of all kinds. So, by betting for video marketing, you’re automatically betting for one of the most popular and preferred media by your future consumers.


Having the creation of a “welcome” video generates familiarity and closeness with the users. It also gives a sense of trustiness about the product or service. This kind of video summarizes the benefits your business will give to their clients, this being a huge leverage to keep them on your website or, if they watched it over social media, they would be interested in to look it up and know more about it.


On the other hand, the fact alone of using videos it’s already one of the best ways of connecting with your audience. Videos help you to create bonds, and they are the bridges that link what you say and offer to who you are, this way, you work on firsthand on building up the trust.

The awakening of interest it’s always the main goal. Create interest among your audience, and you will turn them into clients. And with the use of videos, you are already ensuring that interest. 80% of the clicks on the internet are on videos rather than links. This will automatically get your company into better web positioning because Google rewards those who resort to this marketing strategy.


The same immediacy we have been talking about it’s a benefit itself. Once a user watches an interesting video, and they like it, there’s a big possibility that they will share it, creating a communication chain. And, let’s remember that videos boost the retention of information when customers hear something, they will retain 10% of the information, but when adding relevant imagery, the percentage will improve to 65.


Boosting your Growing Business

Now that we have settled the advantages of video marketing let’s focus on how it will boost your growing business. As a new company, you want to show everyone your potential as a

service giver, but primarily you need to gain the customers trust; that’s why video marketing must be your first choice.


The videos will allow you to explain and show the benefits of your services or products, and even make a comparison between other companies that are already out and known. While, at the same time, you are showing what is behind the product, meaning that, during the video, it’s the perfect time to reflect the spirit and values of the company. This being even better than a business card.


Talking about money, the investments you must do are really low, something that you must be seeking for since it’s a growing business. That is why, with a little money, you can boost your advertising, reaching a much larger range of public without needing much investment. Therefore, a quick video boosted on, let’s say, social media, will ensure you lots of new clients, because after watching a video, customers are 64-85% more likely to make a purchase. After that low investment, you can be sure your company will be in a better web position, so when search pages drop results, your videos will be more likely to appear within the first ones when using keywords that involve your services or products.

Lastly, you’ll find way more effective to deliver your message over attractive and entertaining videos than with articles, images, or conventional videos. As we have mentioned before, people will remember more effectively the information when watching a video, and to get them to watch it, you must create original and creative content. If you think this part might be hard, don’t worry, there are video production services that are ready to work with you in helping your growing company.


Video Productions for Boosting your Business

Making good corporate videos takes time, patience, experience, and tedious work. That’s why, in order to boost your growing business, you need to count on professional video producers, so you can be certain that you will get original and creative content for engaging your possible future customers.


The creation of a corporate video involves many people, and hiring professionals, you will guarantee that exactly, professionalism, a team ready to work together for your satisfaction as a client. An experienced team can work with you to focus and delimitate your ideas on what you want to highlight in the video, implementing the most effective method to follow a specific marketing strategy. A video production company will produce a high-quality product and a dazzling video that will be able to reflect your personal business goals.


This is one of the best ways to ensure quality work and make sure the team you’re working with is really looking to help your business thrive. Building a solid business relationship is a surefire way to gain trust and loyalty from your customers.


Video producers also ensure the emerging business of originality products. Part of an agency’s job is to stay up-to-date on the latest trends across the industry, being able to provide you a creative vision. To keep pace with what is popular, it is needed research, workshops, studies, and conferences, all this helps the agency on what decisions must be made to create a better video for your company.


Professionals will be able not only to create original content but also to generate an emotional response from the targeted public, achieving this by producing the proper storytelling. Videographers are prepared on how to tell a story that will be able to travel across different social media and platforms, guaranteeing you, your story will be told. All this made by a fresh new eyes that look at your business and are ready to highlight all its potential. When you start feeling like your growth has stuck, that’s a perfect time to start working with a video production company, they will bring new ideas into your project and new marketing perspectives to be implemented, all that just so you can continue your companies growth.


Let’s now talk about the budget and all the money you will be able to save. First of all, when you have a professional company working on your campaigns, you’ll be able to receive products that can be used in different marketing campaigns. And, as said before, they are ready to work within your ideas and budget, with their experience they can mold your ideas into what you invested. Also, having high-quality videos will improve the stamp of your brand. It’s more likely that users are interested in high-quality videos than in poorly made ones. After all, the quality of the advertising says a lot about the company it’s being advertised.

Video marketing, alongside other strategies, will boost in an exhilarated way your growing company, favoring its reputation and expanding your customers. Having an agency working with you will not only give you immediate benefits, but only long-term ones. When you decide to invest on quality work from the start, usually, you generate long-term savings. Money that will help you to keep growing your business, offering improved products.

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