Westcott 48" Rapid Box

This is the Westcott 48″ Rapid Box


Westcott 48" Rapid Box

Key features of the Westcott 48″ Rapid Box may include:

Size: The “48 inches” in the product name indicates the size of the softbox. A 48″ softbox provides a relatively large and even light source, suitable for a variety of photography and video applications.

Construction: Westcott’s Rapid Boxes are typically designed for quick and easy setup. They often feature a collapsible and portable design, making them convenient for on-location shoots.

Compatibility: The Rapid Box is likely designed to be compatible with specific lighting equipment. It may include a speed ring or adapter that allows for easy mounting on various types of studio strobes or flashes.

Interior Material: The interior of the softbox may have a reflective material that helps maximize the efficiency of the light source, ensuring even and consistent illumination.

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