SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox

This is the SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox


SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox

Key features of the SmallRig Lantern Softbox may include:

Design: The Lantern Softbox is designed in the shape of a lantern, providing omnidirectional, wrap-around lighting. This design is often chosen for its ability to create soft, ambient lighting.

Compatibility: SmallRig’s Lantern Softbox is likely designed to be compatible with specific LED panels or lights. It may come with a mounting mechanism or adapter that allows users to easily attach it to their lighting equipment.

Material: SmallRig products are typically constructed with durable and high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and stability during use.

Ease of Use: Lantern softboxes are known for their quick and easy setup. They can be particularly useful in various shooting scenarios where a quick and simple diffusion solution is required.

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