How Video Marketing Can Grow Your Small Business

Adding videos to your advertising campaign is the main focus of video marketing, as this strategy works based on the knowledge of how to get the attention of the audience over several other advertisements. Using videos, you are already ensuring the attention of future clients, because 80% of the clicks on the internet are from videos, rather than links.       Video marketing for small businesses is a safe bet to achieve growth. This strategy makes sure that your campaign is transmitting the story of your brand, in the shortest time possible.


Ensuring a communication of the service providers with the potential consumers generates proximity between them. That proximity is one of the priorities in this type of advertising strategy since it is important to establish a link between both of them. In order to create that link, it’s necessary to generate a sense of closeness and, from there, build up the bond of trust.


Why Would Video Marketing Work?

As a business owner in the process of growth, it is logical that you are looking for safe ways to achieve it, without having to invest a lot of money. Betting on a style of the advertising campaign, from a large variety out there, is not a simple thing to do. That’s why we will present here the advantages that video marketing can offer you, in help with the internet, to generate the growth you are looking for.


More and more organizations are choosing video marketing as a primary tool for communicating their products because of the effectiveness and speed that videos allow. Why? Because being transmitted and spread through the internet, it is an immediate means to reach a larger audience than by just transmitting them over the T.V.


Videos are 78% of consumption over the internet, and there are two major reasons why: They are one of the easiest products to consume, just a click and you can start watching a whole lot of different videos, and there are even some websites where they start automatically. And, secondly, they draw more attention than an image or an article. They manage to arouse a greater interest in internet users.


Now, there may be two main reasons why video marketing works to grow your startup. We live in an era of immediacy, everyone wants the fastest way to get information, and that’s what the videos allow. In a few minutes or even seconds, you can transmit your services, products, and even testimonials from previous clients. This will help in building trust with the audience because you will be able to show the face of your business and to create a bridge to connect what your brand does with what it says.


In the second place, people tend to remember more the images than words, which means that videos boost the retention of information. When customers hear something, let’s say over the radio, they most probably will remember just 10% of the information. But, when you show an advertising video, using relevant imagery, the retention of the information will increase to 65%.


Talking about money and the investment

The creation of videos are cheap, nowadays anyone can record a video. Although the quality of the videos also talks about your business. But, when you are starting a business, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money into making videos, with just a few things, and a lot of imagination, you can have a great advertising video ready to generate you lots of new customers. Imagination and creativity it’s what’s necessary for making successful videos.

This forces marketing companies to be versatile in order to generate innovative projects that catch the attention of the audiences. Plus, with a few dollars, you can boost your advertising and ensure to reach a much larger range of public than with an organic diffusion. A quick and well-done video boosted on Social Medias, ensures you new clients. After watching a video, users are 64% to 85% more likely to make a purchase, so, with a little investment, you can generate a bunch of new clients and sales.


Another of the advantages of boosting your videos is that your business will be in a better web position. When you upload a video, you must add keywords related to the area of development of your product or services. So, when you are in a good web position, and with the right keywords, your brand will be shown in one of the first results, when someone searches something using one or few of your keywords, your videos will show within the first results.

So, that’s how video marketing will help your small business grow, ensuring to get your brand’s story out there and calling the attention of the internet users.

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