Grow Your Online Exposure with Video Marketing

Oftentimes, video marketing is on the limelight to the campaign efforts to get access to the target audiences. Video marketing campaign has been dominating social media in the past couple of years.


The scenario is that without a video marketing campaign, your business is unlikely to gain its pace. Nonetheless, video campaigning is one of the cost-effective means of advertising. Significantly, having video content as the landing page of your website can increase conversion rates by about 75%. Besides, just mentioning the term ‘video’ into the subject line of your email campaign is likely to increase its open rates by about 23%. Notably, 90% of customers feel that such video marketing campaigns help them make their buying decisions.


Nevertheless, video marketing has not only transformed the businesses and consumers, but it has also revolutionized the way salespersons getting connected with their potential customers and convert prospects. To make it simple, video marketing is incredibly useful throughout the business process, which includes creating brand awareness.


The magnitude of video analytics on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are the main reason that about 90 % of businesses have reported getting increased clientele in 2019.

Different marketing objectives need different types of video marketing campaigns. Therefore, you need to create videos that support your business requirements.


To create brand awareness among your target audiences, explain your brand story and share customer story video clippings. Customizing your video content according to your target audience will increase your retention rate by 40%. Moreover, since 80% of the Gen-Z and millennial customers find sponsored videos highly relevant, it is certainly worth investing in a video marketing campaign to make sure that your videos outreach your target audiences.

Now, let’s jump on the trend. Let’s discuss which video marketing formats you should harness.

As the first step, you should identify your key objective for your video marketing campaign.

Primary objectives of your video marketing campaign:

  • Creating brand awareness among your target customers (inform your target audiences about your brand through impression-based video campaigns)
  • Consideration (make your target audiences to click a link so that they can understand about your products / brand)
  • Conversion leading to action-links on your website

Once you are ready with your video marketing objective, you need to analyse the results of your video marketing campaign.

To increase the conversion rates:

  • Display a short demo of your brand / product
  • Give a brief trailer of your webinar
  • Show preview of your business event

These are the best practices, which are inevitable for creating brand awareness among your target customers through your video marketing campaigns:

  • Show what you expect from your target audience in the first 15 seconds of your video – because normally the attention of your audience drops after 15 seconds.
  • Find out how to capture and maintain the attention of your target audience using visual storytelling.
  • Display your messages with graphics and text to extend viewer attention span.
  • Consider a silent video campaign – more audiences are likely to watch your video when it is in silent mode.


Creating successful brand awareness among your target audience mainly depends on how many customers you can reach with your video marketing campaign. Promoting your live streaming video campaign in advance is key to create a good customer base.

If you have a strong customer base, then you can promote your business event well in advance. You can ask the viewers to subscribe to your web-page to receive notifications.


To ensure a successful video campaigning, use demographic data to analyse which segment of audiences have increased number of video view rates. Organize your video marketing campaigns and customize your video content accordingly to get access to your target audiences. Although certain live streaming videos can be most successful in building your brand awareness, it depends on how you execute your campaign.


Significantly, merely launching your video on your website will certainly not fetch the results of your expectations. You must ensure to create a reasonably good impact on search engines such as Google and YouTube so that your brand can reach your target audiences. Search engine optimization of your video marketing campaign is something that very few business entities have actually mastered. Remarkably, a huge opportunity is in store for your brand / product.

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