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An Overview of the Washington Park Neighborhood

The Washington Park neighborhood, often referred to as Wash Park by locals, stands as a historic gem in Denver, Colorado. This urban park, influenced by iconic figures such as city planner Kessler, the Olmsted Brothers, and philanthropist Margaret "Molly" Brown, showcases a beautiful blend of historic and contemporary architectural styles. Developed initially in 1899 by Architect Reinhard Schuetze, it has been drawing comparisons to New York City's Central Park, serving as a melting pot of community gatherings, recreational activities, and sheer natural beauty.

Key Attractions in the Washington Park Neighborhood

  • Smith Lake and the 1913 Boat House: Standing since the park's early days, this picturesque spot often witnesses wedding receptions and offers a serene escape within the city.

  • South Pearl Street: Once the heartbeat of Denver's trolley car route, it now houses art galleries, specialty shops, wine bars, and some of Denver's finest dining establishments.

  • Old South Gaylord: A historic nook offering an eclectic mix of local restaurants, shops, and galleries, providing a rich taste of Denver's local culture.

Statistics for the Washington Park Neighborhood

  • Housing and Cost of Living: Washington Park's median real estate price stands at a whopping $1,210,866, making it more upscale than a majority of Colorado's neighborhoods. With an average rental price of $4,482, it's evident that this area caters to a more affluent population.

  • Population: The neighborhood is home to approximately 7,292 residents, with many of them being families and young professionals. The diverse demographic adds to the neighborhood's charm.

  • Historic Homes: A significant number of residences in Washington Park have historical significance, with many built before 1939. This rich history is evident in the neighborhood's architectural diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Washington Park

How safe is Washington Park?

Washington Park is considered relatively safe, with its Crime & Safety grade being a B minus. The environment is such that residents often walk alone at night, and many events and gatherings take place without major security concerns.

What are the recreational activities available?

From jogging, biking, playing tennis, and golf to paddle boating and yoga, Washington Park is a hub for fitness and outdoor enthusiasts.

How does the public schooling system fare in Washington Park?

The public schools in Washington Park are rated above average, adding another feather to its cap for families considering moving to the area.

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