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An Overview of the Stapleton Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado

Central Park, formerly known as Stapleton, is a notable neighborhood nestled within the borders of Denver and Aurora, Colorado. Boasting a rich history, it is situated on the grounds of the erstwhile Stapleton International Airport, which was decommissioned in 1995. Now, it stands as the most expansive residential region in Denver, encompassing twelve distinct sub-neighborhoods, numerous schools, and a plethora of parks and recreational areas.

As the neighborhood has evolved over the years, Central Park has fostered a sense of community and vibrancy. It's a place where the hum of urban life meets the serenity of nature, especially evident during the community festivals held at the "Founders Green" – a key spot within Central Park.

Key Attractions in the Stapleton Neighborhood

  • Founders Green: A hub of activity, Founders Green is a scenic space where the community often gathers for festivals. With apartments forming a picturesque backdrop, it is an embodiment of the urban spirit of Central Park.

  • Central Park Recreation Center: This fitness facility serves as a testament to the neighborhood's emphasis on healthy living. It offers various fitness programs, ensuring residents have diverse options to stay fit.

  • The Shops At Northfield Stapleton: A shopping paradise for residents and visitors alike, this area boasts an array of retail outlets ranging from fashion to electronics, interspersed with cafes and entertainment centers.

Statistics for the Stapleton Neighborhood

  • Housing and Real Estate: The median real estate price in Stapleton is pegged at $670,548, placing it amongst the more expensive localities in Colorado. The rental scene is equally robust, with an average price of $3,330.

  • Population: The total population of Stapleton stands at over 21,763, with a total of over 7,272 households.

  • Crime & Safety: The neighborhood boasts a commendable safety grade of C+, based on metrics related to violent and property crimes, making it relatively safe for residents.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Stapleton Neighborhood

Has the neighborhood always been called Central Park?

No, the neighborhood was previously known as Stapleton but underwent a name change to Central Park. It was named after the decommissioned Stapleton International Airport that used to occupy the site.

What kind of lifestyle can residents expect here?

Central Park offers a dense suburban feel. With numerous parks, shopping centers, and community facilities, residents can enjoy an urban lifestyle while still being connected to nature.

Are there educational institutions in the vicinity?

Yes, the Central Park neighborhood prides itself on housing 11 public/private schools, ensuring educational facilities are easily accessible to all residents.

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