5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Videographer

We will go first by explaining who a videographer is and why hiring a videographer is important. A Videographer takes the responsibility of recording live events and small scale videos. In our world today, people want their memories to be recorded. We all are hiring videographers these days for our weddings, birthday parties, interviews, commercial videos, corporate and brand promotional video productions, in film productions, TV commercials, music videos and many more, the demand for videographers keep increasing day by day.


We are aware of the fact people can use their smartphones in recording videos, but you can never compare the quality and standard a professional videographer will give you. They are trained in aspects relating to making creative videos that are easy on the eyes.


Now that we have known how important and integral they are in our daily activities, there is nothing as good as getting the right one that is best for your ideas and concepts. Many individuals have failed severely in many attempts trying hiring a videographer that is reliable and trustworthy. Before going to a credible video production company or a freelancer, there are some essential things you need to have at the back of your mind. Here, we will be telling you these important points.


  1. The First Thing You Have to Consider Is the Location of the Videographer: the location and movement of the videographer are the first things you must consider before hiring one. This is essential because you have to be intentional in the decision making of hiring a videographer remotely or locally. A remote videographer cannot fit in as a local videographer if you are on a limited budget, because you will have to finance the hotel expenses of the remote videographer. During the preparation of how you want the whole project to go, always state clearly your preference. When posting a video production job online on different platforms, be sure of what you want and state the location of where you want the video production to occur.

  3. There May Need to Hire More Than Just One Videographer: sometimes hiring just one videographer for a big and elaborate event is not advisable to avoid regrets afterward. A video camera to cover thousands of people in an occasion is not feasible idea if you ask me. You will need more than just one camera so that the workload can be shared. After knowing this, you must budget for more than one videographer so you can be able to cover every detail. It is popularly known now that videographers come together to work as a crew. So for your big life events like a wedding ceremony, it will be time-saving and relatively cheaper to look for a crew of videographers than going to hire many videographers separately to help you out in doing the recordings.

  5. You Must Have a Knowledge of the Equipment You Need in Carrying Out the Project: this part of the things you need to know before hiring a videographer is key. The equipment used will definitely translate to the quality of the video you are getting in return. First and foremost, you will need a very good video camera to get high-quality shots that are very attractive to the eyes. The videographer you are hiring make room for dynamic focusing on demand from you, you will need to ask for it. Do not assume the videographer knows all that you want. Tripods are also very essential; you have to consider it too in your budget and have a serious discussion with videographer on how to make the whole video production process a success.

  7. The Amount to Pay the Videographer(s): before contacting a videographer, make sure you have budgeted a certain amount of money down in the planning of the whole event for whoever you are hiring. This price range you have budgeted will determine the videographer you are getting to work with you. A lot of videographers sum the cost of everything together and give a particular amount while some of them, on the other hand, do charge per day. So it depends on what you want.


  • Should also never forget to include post video production fee together with the amount you are planning to use for the recordings if you want an edited video from the videographer. But if you are trying to minimize your spending, you will get raw video footage that is not edited by the videographer.


You must be aware that Videography is diversified: you must know that not all videographer suit all events you are trying to hire a videographer for. A videographer that is an expert in filming for corporate videos cannot fit in well for a videographer that specializes in making journalistic and cinematic wedding videos. You must also note that all videographers don’t use the same style. Get the one that suit what is planning for to make things easy and better.

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