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A Wing Visuals wants to make our community better by bringing awareness to important issues and service projects. We are continually looking for opportunities to play an important role in this area. We are pleased to offer a discount off regular rates to prove our commitment to serving this market.

One of the most fun projects to date was for Amp The Cause, a Denver non-profit organization for children that raises awareness about critical family issues and local charities. Denver Day of Rock is one of their largest events, and it was an honor to be chosen to help represent their mission.

A Wing Visuals created a second video for Amp The Cause to for its 2017 Community Day, in which they raised over $1 million and helped benefit over 650,000 Denver children and families whose lives are entriched by the services provided by local non-profits.

McKenzie approached A Wing Visuals to promote the Give Back to Guatemala campaign, a project in which she has poured her heart and soul. Our production entailed helping write the script, filming and directing, and editing the video to include her personal photos.

My friends and I friends fostered Sampson while he awaited adoption. He has now found a permanent family to give him all the love and care he deserves. Sampson was so much fun to have around, we couldn’t resist making a video to commemorate his time with us.

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