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A Wing Visuals has helped new artists with big aspirations and limited budgets to create visually appealing videos. By finding interesting locations and just letting the creativity flow we’ve been able to showcase their diverse talents. When they hit the big-time, I hope they remember to mention A Wing Visuals!

While studying abroad in spring of 2015, I crossed paths with a classmate who was very talented with a guitar in his hands. After returning to the US, A Wing Visuals produced this video,  highlighting the budding artist on his college campus, and incorporating the Mighty Mississippi River as the backdrop to debut his songwriting and musical talents. 

The review: “I would highly recommend A Wing Visuals! Michael is an incredibly talented filmmaker and a pleasure to work with. I’m a young musician, and finding creative ways to create video art to go with your music is sometimes easier said than done. But Michael ran with his vision and it turned out brilliantly. If you’re looking for someone who not only brings technical ability to the table but an artistic perspective, check out A Wing Visuals.” – Robert Plecher

New to the entertainment scene, Psyche entered the Golden Age of Rap Contest with little time prior to the submission deadline. We headed to Denver’s RiNo art district to create a colorful backdrop to his song, and we added some creative touches in editing.  As with many rap videos, the subject matter and language are also “colorful”, hence the Explicit warning notice. 

The review:  “A Wing Visuals is great to work with. Super creative and captures great footage. He helped me out with a short time crunch and he followed through. Definitely recommend A Wing!” – Evan Malmquist


“A human who meets the highest of my standards. Michael came through with 8 hours plus, after a 40 hour work week (I’m assuming) and had not only enough stamina to deal with my a**, he enjoyed it. Impressive.” – Daniel Francis


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