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Everybody wants a fair deal, and nobody likes unpleasant surprises. A Wing Visuals may be one of the few companies to offer TWO complimentary 30-minute consultations…one at project kickoff, and one to ensure you are fully satisfied with the end result. 

The Questionnaire

A well thought-out plan will set the course for an outstanding video production. We realize you’re making an important investment. We also know the value of your time.  So, we created a questionnaire to make the most our our initial conversation. A Wing Visuals will use your feedback to define the project scope, provide a fair estimate, and ensure we have the resources available to fulfill your needs. Finally, this tool can help us both decide whether.working together would be a good fit. 

Release and Consent

We want you to be so thrilled with your final product that you’ll want to show it off to everyone. It’s common practice to ask subjects to sign a Release and Authorization for use of photographs, film, video and/or sound recordings. This will ensure we are on the up and up when using their images or audio recordings in public spaces.

For all A Wing Visuals productions, we promise to be respectful of everyone involved in the process. We welcome feedback at any time to ensure we are not filming anyone who may not want their image on social media or other public forums. Also, we’ll never purposefully film someone in an embarrassing or compromising position. During your complimentary 30-minute post-production meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to point out anything we’ve overlooked and set us back on the right course before the project is finalized, 

The universe is not made of atoms; it’s made of tiny stories.
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt

By the way, A Wing Visuals reserves the right to use any or all portions of the final customer-approved video to promote our company. The customer must inform A Wing Visuals if any images or audio recordings are not to be used in this manner.

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